Losing My Sex Drive

One of the main reason women lose their sex drive is down to hormonal changes as we age. It not easy to cope for a lot of women. Some of the gents that I date at escorts in London complain about it left right and center, but I also notice that they don’t really seem to be keen on helping their wives.

If they did a bit more to help their wives, I am sure that it would make their own lives a bit better. First of all, you need to ask yourself if you should be dating London escorts when your wife is having a hard time.

Do men make me angry? Sometimes the gents that I meet at escorts in London really make me mad. They seem to think about themselves all of the time. A couple of the guys that I date at London escorts have not really looked after themselves, and to be honest, I keep on wondering, if that is why their wives have lost their sex drives. I keep on wanting them to stand in front of the mirror and look at themselves every time they visit escorts in London.

You do need to get turned on by a person, and sometimes it is not so easy to do that all of the time. A few of the gents that I meet at escorts in London don’t do anything for me at all. Probably when they were younger, they were very attractive, but missing teeth and a pot belly do not do a lot for most women. I keep on wondering if their wives have made a lot of efforts on their behalf and are now just fed up with them. They have other things to occupy themselves with and don’t care that their husbands date escorts in London.

If you do suffer from low libido because you are going through the menopause, there is a lot of stuff that can be done about it. Most women worry about HRT and stuff like that, but there are alternative treatments as well. A couple of the girls here at London escorts have tried homeopathy for a range of medical conditions, so that is one of the things that you can try. I know that many London escorts are into herbal supplements as well, so there is another alternative again.

It is frustrating to feel tired all of the time, and feel like you have lost the will to live. That is how many women who are going through the menopause feel. But, not all women who have a low libido are going through the menopause. Having a baby or just having a virus can make you feel like you are not ready to have sex as much often. Most women don’t know that viruses can upset our delicate hormonal balance, but it certainly can. So, next time your wife seems to be down in the dumps, try to make her feel a bit special. And oh, do look after yourself as well. We like you to at least look have decent. Even London escorts appreciate that!


Sex With Older Women

Eric was a man who preferred older women. Although he did, at times, seem to attract women of a much younger age group than himself many of whom were particularly sexy and attractive, it was the older women who really did it for Eric. As a 35-year old man, he would often find himself going out on dates with women who were considerably older than him, perhaps up to the age of 45, whilst turning down dates with attractive women who were the same age as him or who were younger than him. He had his reasons.

From personal experience, Eric had discovered that older women seemed to be much more in control of themselves. They were less insecure about their bodies and their looks, much more comfortable with themselves, a lot more confident and it seemed to Eric that older women seemed to know exactly what they want, especially when it comes to the bedroom. But that certainly wasn’t all. Older woman were more experienced and were definitely much better in the bedroom when it came to sex. They had seen and done it all before but weren’t too afraid to experiment.

Older women seemed to be much less submissive than younger women but that didn’t mean they were more resistant. Even less so, in fact. To Eric, older women seemed to be much hornier,they had a higher sex drive, they were more adventurous and imaginative in bed, they were more open and honest about it and they weren’t afraid to express their sexual desires. This is what really did it for Eric, as he was more about pleasing women than he was about pleasing himself. It wasn’t about self-gratification for him. His self-gratification came from being able to turn older women on and by giving them exactly what they want.

For Eric, there was nothing more of a turn-on than an older experienced woman who knows exactly what she wants and just how to get it and Eric was willing to be there to give it to them. It would drive him wild. Not only that but older and more experienced women also knew exactly how to drive a man wild in bed. They had seen it and done it all before and didn’t need to be taught anything or how anything works. Having sex with older women had proven to be an awe-inspiring experience for Eric. They knew exactly what he wanted, whether it be oral sex, sex from behind or something more adventurous like mutual masturbation. The fact that older woman were more open and expressive in the bedroom meant that he could also be comfortable himself when expressing his own sexual desires.

One thing was certain. Older women were much more sex-oriented and were much better in the bedroom than younger woman and some of the best sex he ever had was with older women. The shyness and the resistance just wasn’t there and he had some of the best sexual experiences of his life when sleeping with older women. Younger women tend to shy away from the more adventurous and imaginative aspects of sex, such as mutual masturbation, talking dirty, talking openly about sexual desires and impulses and showing off each other’s bodies. Whereas he had never been able to attain such sexual attitudes and freedom of expression from younger women, by dating and sleeping with older women he had managed to attain a taste of it all and for this reason, older women turned him on and became his ultimate desire.

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